EarthAsylum Consulting Base Plugin for WordPress (eacBasePlugin)

Powerful extensible base plugin, enables fast development of custom derivatives and extensions. Code sharing, Encryption, Debugging, Security, +more

eacBasePlugin by EarthAsylum Consulting is a fully functional and extensible plugin that provides a framework supporting the easy creation of full featured…

Custom plugin derivatives (build your own plugin using a strong, clean, foundation).
Custom extensions to eacBasePlugin or derivatives (add simple to complex extensions using the extension framework).
Custom extension plugins (make your custom extensions their own plugin).

Benefits of Following Best Practices

Achieve excellence through the adoption and adaptation of best practices in IT service management. Define, using industry best practices, IT service policies and procedures. Align IT goals and processes with business goals and processes. IT delivers and supports business services. Guide IT decisions on benefit and value to the business. Realize IT as a business

Business Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is an attitude and a methodology aimed at aligning IT practices with business initiatives and priorities. It broadens the view of IT leaders to encompass not only technology and technical issues, but more so, business and corporate issues. Goals and Objectives of BSM: Alignment and support of business strategy and objectives. Provide

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, a set of publications providing descriptive (i.e. what to do and why) guidance on IT service management. ITIL is the de facto standard framework for IT Service Management best practices. ITIL defines overall IT Service Management as ten core processes that separate into two major functional groups – one

Service Level Management

Business processes that depend on IT are only as reliable and sustainable as the underlying infrastructure. In order to better align business requirements with IT capabilities and deliver IT capabilities at an appropriate cost, IT must shift from a technology focus to a service model approach. IT dependency creates business risk IT may not be