For Callcenters… WebAgent Navigator

WebAgent Navigator
WebAgent Navigator

A comprehensive, full-service, web based, call scripting and contact management system for call centers, sales groups, and customer service teams.

WebAgent Navigator

A fully programmable scripting engine that provides customized dynamic call flow scripting for telephone agents to respond to both inbound and outbound customer and prospect calls. By utilizing specific, detailed and intelligent call scripts, productivity is enhanced through…

  • Decreased training time
  • Increased agent confidence, morale, and success
  • Increased accuracy, consistency, and integrity
  • Efficiency from the agent through to backend departments and functions
  • Increased customer satisfaction, first call resolution, conversions and upsells
  • Reduced total call time

Just a few of the benefits of using dynamic call scripting in your call center…

  • Increase First Contact Resolution
  • Improve and Personalize Customer Experience
  • Guide Agents Through Predictable Call Flows
  • Boost Key Performance Indicators
  • Achieve Sales Expectations
  • Increase Up-Sells & Cross-Sells
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Automate Data Integration

And WebAgent Navigator is fully web based

  • Runs in any modern web browser
  • Agents can work at home or from any remote location
  • Runs perfectly well on any low-cost PC, Mac, or Chromebook with a USB or Bluetooth headset

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